How are taxi fares calculated?

An inital fee is charged when the meter is engaged (flagfall), after which a rate applies calculated by distance travelled (tariff) and a rate calculated by time elapsed when the vehicle is stopped (waiting time).

Sedan / Wagon

Tariff 1
Tariff 2
Waiting Time
Tariff 1 applies Monday-Friday from 06:00-20:00 (excluding Public Holidays) for 1-4 passengers.
Tariff 2 applies at all other times for 1-4 passengers.

Maxi / Wheelchair Access Taxi

Tariff 3
Tariff 4
Waiting Time
Tariff 3 applies Monday-Friday from 06:00-20:00 (excluding Public Holidays) for Wheelchair Access hire only.
Tariff 4 applies at all other times for Wheelchair Access hire or at all times for 5+ passengers.

Fare Calculator


How do I book a taxi?

We offer a range of options for you to book a taxi. Please see our bookings page for more details.

I think I may have left something in the taxi, what do I do?

If you believe you have left your belongings in one of our vehicles, please contact us as soon as possible, ensuring you provide as many details as you can so that we can identify the vehicle, the driver, and your item(s) if found. Upon receipt of your enquiry, we will use the details provided to commence a thorough investigation and make all possible attempts to locate your item(s). We will advise you as soon as possible of the outcome of our investigation. As taxis are subject to hire by a large volume of customers at all times during the day and night, it is regrettable that we are not always able to retrieve belongings which have been left in our vehicles due to circumstances beyond the Company's control. We recommend that you consider taking measures to prevent unauthorised access of your belongings as soon as you realise they are lost. Pursuant to the regulations which govern our industry, any property which remains unclaimed after 7 days must be delivered to Tasmania Police within a further 5 days (Taxi Industry Regulations 2008 (Tas) reg 71).

When I pre-book a taxi, why does my taxi sometimes arrive late?

When you pre-book a taxi, the Company undertakes to make every effort to dispatch a vehicle so that it arrives at your requested location at the requested time. There are several factors beyond the Company's control which can regrettably cause delays, such as:
  • Heavy or congested traffic
  • Delays caused by road accidents
  • Delays caused by road works
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Unexpected mechanical issues
  • High service demand
Despite our best efforts to dispatch according to the conditions, we still recommend that you allow for additional time when possible in case of any further unforeseen issues which may affect our ability to arrive on time.

Can you transport larger groups of people or people in wheelchairs?

131008 Hobart's fleet includes maxi taxis, which are vans rather than sedans. All maxi taxis are equipped to transport a wheelchair-bound passenger, but in the absence of such are able to accommodate a larger number of passengers than a sedan. Our maxi taxis come in a variety of vehicle models and the passenger capacity of each maxi taxi varies. If you wish to book a maxi taxi, we do ask you to book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. Due to the limited number of vehicles to accommodate, 131008 Hobart gives preference to wheelchair-bound passengers when booking maxi taxis and we reserve the right to decline any request for a maxi taxi to accommodate larger groups, to ensure availability for existing bookings for wheelchair-bound passengers.

A taxi driver asked me to pay a deposit, is this allowed?

Yes, a taxi driver may ask a passenger to pay a deposit before commencing the journey. The deposit amount should not exceed a reasonable estimation of the price of the journey as explained by the passenger to the driver. If the metered fare is less than the deposit, the taxi driver must refund the overpaid portion if requested by the passenger. Taxi drivers reserve the right to refuse to transport any passenger who refuses to pay a deposit upon the driver's request.

How do I know if the driver is licenced to drive a taxi?

131008 Hobart takes every measure possible to ensure that the vehicles working in our dispatch network are being operated by licenced drivers. Before being granted access to our dispatch network, drivers must hold a current Public Passenger Vehicle (PPV) licence for taxis and have satisfied criminal history and medical assessments. We provide login credentials for access to our dispatch system as well as photographic ID cards to all drivers which must be displayed when they are operating the vehicle. If you are unable to see the driver's photographic ID card on display, you may remind the driver of the obligation to display this ID card when operating the taxi.

How are complaints to the company handled?

131008 Hobart treats complaints very seriously and with strict confidentiality. If you wish to make a complaint about the service you have received by 131008 Hobart or its affiliated drivers, we will handle and respond to your complaint in accordance with our Complaints Handling Policy. If intending to lodge a complaint, we recommend you consider doing so in writing, to ensure that the most detailed and accurate information is made available to us. You can do this by visting the Contact Us page and selecting Feedback/Complaint as the subject. Your message will be sent directly to our Feedback and Complaints Officers.